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Saison: A Guided Tasting Ticket

Saison: A Guided Tasting Ticket

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Saison: A Guided Tasting Tasting · Beermoth 70 Tib St.
Friday 28th June · 7 pm

Following on from our successful Quadrupel guided tasting, we are pleased to announce our next event: ‘Saison: A Guided Tasting’. Join us as we try and make sense of what a Saison is, the history, and most importantly, try some really amazing beer.

We will try what is widely regarded as the benchmark Saison, Saison Dupont, produced by Brasserie Dupont. Next up is Burdock’s Tuesday, with a flavour profile similar to Dupont from a renowned Canadian brewery. We then go farmhouse with Bådin’s Saison Larsen, with added lime peel and brewed inside the Arctic Circle!

Sticking with the farmhouse tradition next up is Burning Sky’s Saison Printemps, a beer blended with barrel-aged beer, allowing a little bit of tartness to come through. Finally, The Kernel’s Bière de Saison Cider Apple, where Cider pommace is spontaneously fermented with Bière de Saison wort, an example of the experimentation that is possible within this style.

Saison Dupont
Burdock · Tuesday
Bådin · Saison Larsen
Burning Sky · Saison Printemps
The Kernel · Bière de Saison Cider Apple